Correcting Trailer Sway

If you’re towing an RV, a trailer, or simply need to ensure that your truck’s braking systems are operating safely, you have certainly arrived at the right place.

At Hayes Towing Electronics, we pride ourselves on correcting trailer sway that could result in not only a loss of valuable equipment and damage to your vehicle, but potentially fatal roadway incidents. When it comes to driving trucks, RVs, and towing trailers, whether you’re driving down the street or across the country, trailer sway needs to be minimal and the braking systems need to be excellent — and we’re here to help.

Need help correcting trailer sway?

Trailer sway devices come in two basic types: those that reduce sway once it has already begun, and those that attempt to prevent sway altogether. One of the most important aspects of sway reduction and prevention is proper weight distribution. If all the weight of a trailer is on the one side, swaying is inevitable. A secure weight distribution system can help prevent these roadway issues. A weight distribution hitch can have two weight ratings: the gross trailer weight and the tongue weight. These devices are recommended if the trailer being towed is carrying more than 50% of the truck’s weight.  

Using multi axle brake controllers to improve braking

Trucks and large vehicles need the best braking systems available in order to prevent catastrophic roadway collisions. These trucks often carry extremely heavy freight loads and dangerous chemicals or explosive products. When it comes to towing trailers, however, the truck itself needs excellent brake, as well as the trailer. There are two-point systems that can be used with truck trailers that have hydraulic (surge) brakes. Also, it’s important that the brake drum surface on any truck is inspected after additional use in order to identify excessive wear and heavy scoring. If the brake drum wear marks are more than 0.020 inches, the drum surface will need to be rotated.

Hayes Towing Electronics is here to help!

Whether you need single or multi axle brake controllers or are attempting to control and eliminate dangerous truck and trailer sway, give Hayes Towing Electronics a call right away: 800-882-1204 or for tech support, call: 800-892-2676.

A few months ago we read about the 'SWAY MASTER" system, purchased one, and after a ten minute installation, have notice a big difference in the camper's behavior. This has involved only short trips until Summer and we are looking forward to the interstate experience.

We own a 2014, 34' Scamper pull behind camper, utilizing a 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche for towing.

-Edmund B. Rannells III - Bluefield, West Virginia

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the trailer braking performance of the Hayes G2 Brake Boss a 10. I particularly like the larger size and better location of the manual activation lever. It’s easy to find without looking down for it. After becoming familiar with the functions of the 3 adjustments buttons they provide an easy way to set up and review settings and also diagnose problems.”

- Edmund Zehel, Belleville, Michigan