Brake Controller Reviews

Looking for quality braking systems? Check out our brake controller reviews!

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, you need to ensure that your brakes are functioning properly at all times. This is especially true for truck drivers hauling trailers, since these loads can often be quite heavy, making it difficult for the truck’s braking system to effectively stop or even slow the trailer.

At Hayes Towing Electronics, we have all sorts of electronic, premium, air actuated, and inertia brake controllers that offer plenty of safety advantages for towing hauls of all shapes and sizes. Without proper trailer brake controller systems equipped to your truck, you’re not only putting yourself and your haul at risk, but everyone else out on the roads, as well.

Our brake controllers are compatible with up to 8 electric brakes and allow for faster, smoother, proportional, and safe stopping performance.

Brake Controller Reviews

Here are a few brake controller reviews from our valued customers:

Chris Wildoner, Bluefield, West Virginia:

“Please let your team know that I am now a huge advocate for your anti sway control system and will be encouraging others to purchase your product. I have been pulling my personal boat and travel trailers for approximately 18 years in several states.

Because of this, I have experienced many weather and traffic situations educating me for all my future travels. Our latest adventure was pulling our travel trailer from Arizona to Oregon and back. We decided to purchase the electronic sway control system this trip and a very good thing we did!

If we had the traditional sway bars or no sway control, I know without a doubt my wife and I would not be here today! Your product saved our lives and we are now sharing your product and our experience with everyone we know. Thank you for making an amazing product!”

Edmund B. Rannells III, Bluefield, West Virginia:

“Last month, read about the MORyde’s suspension system, contacted our local RV dealer, Jenning’s RV, Princeton, WV, and had the product installed last week. Just pulled camper about 15 miles home on a four lane highway, and could feel a positive improvement right away.

We own a 2014, 34′ Scamper pull behind camper, utilizing a 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche for towing.”

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A few months ago we read about the 'SWAY MASTER" system, purchased one, and after a ten minute installation, have notice a big difference in the camper's behavior. This has involved only short trips until Summer and we are looking forward to the interstate experience.

We own a 2014, 34' Scamper pull behind camper, utilizing a 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche for towing.

-Edmund B. Rannells III - Bluefield, West Virginia

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the trailer braking performance of the Hayes G2 Brake Boss a 10. I particularly like the larger size and better location of the manual activation lever. It’s easy to find without looking down for it. After becoming familiar with the functions of the 3 adjustments buttons they provide an easy way to set up and review settings and also diagnose problems.”

- Edmund Zehel, Belleville, Michigan