How To Inspect and Troubleshoot Electronic Brake Controllers

If your trailer brake system isn’t working properly, it can wreak all kinds of havoc when you are on the road. A simple 35 mph crosswind can exert around 3,440 pounds of force on your trailer, causing it to sway uncontrollably. If you can’t brake properly, you could cause both you and your trailer extensive [...]

How To Choose The Best Trailer Brake Controller

Imagine that you’re traveling at high speeds down the highway and you need to suddenly brake. If you don’t have a trailer brake controller installed, you run the risk of the trailer crashing into you from behind. According to the NHTSA, there are more than 50,000 towing-related accidents each year. How do you keep yourself [...]

3 Tips For Fixing Trailer Sway

You’re out on the open highway when all of a sudden a heavy gust of wind comes along. Your trailer starts to sway back and forth a bit. This is a dangerous situation because trailer sway can cause your vehicle to tip over or cause a deadly accident. How can you prevent this from happening? [...]

6 Factors Forcing You to Have a Sway Control System

Trailer sway is a huge problem among truck and recreational vehicle owners that can cause significant accidents on the roads. It is important to know that trailer sway has led to deaths on the highway. If you have a truck pulling a huge trailer, you need to have an electronic trailer sway control so that you can [...]

How to Find the Perfect Brake Controller for Your Trailer

If you are a tow enthusiast or operate a tow trailer to earn a living, then you must already understand the overwhelming importance of having a proper brake controller to enhance safety during day-to-day towing activities. Safety has become a major concern in towing, with about 5000 accidents involving towing occurring every year. A proper [...]

How to Choose the Right Brake Controller for Your Trailer

According to reports released by NHTSA, more than 50,000 accidents related to towing are reported every year. This means that trailers need to be thoroughly checked before hitting the road. One of the factors that should be checked is the brake controllers. This is because trailers are always carrying luggage and moving at high speeds. [...]

How You Benefit from Choosing the Right Trailer Air Brake Controllers

Trailer air brake controllers are a vital piece of equipment for any driver who wants to prevent sway out on the roads. But even if you are generally aware of the importance of choosing the right trailer air brake controllers for your vehicle, you may be lost on the details of why they matter so [...]

Make Your Trailers Safe and Comfortable: A Look at Brake Control System Features

Whether you use your trailers for camping, regular day trips, commercial transportation of goods, or any other function; safety and comfort will always be essential. You should ensure that as you travel, your valuables and items remain in the best condition. That is the reason you should also think about finding the best brake controller. [...]

What You Need To Know About Correcting Trailer Sway

A swaying trailer can cause a scare to motorists and pedestrians alike. It is a situation that can result in a severe accident if it is not controlled correctly. According to statistics, swaying is one of the leading causes of accidents in this class of vehicles. It is because of this fact that you need [...]

Causes of Trailer Sway and How to Prevent Them

Reports from the NHTSA show that an estimated 50, 000 accidents related to trailer towing occur each year. Most of these accidents are a result of preventable trailer swaying. The intensity of the swinging movements can increase and lead to trailer flipping, which may, in turn, overturn your towing vehicle. If you're towing a swaying [...]

How to Choose the Right Brake Controllers for Towing Safety

Trailer brake controllers make all the difference when you're out on the road. Whether you're driving an RV on a long road trip, or moving some precious cargo, the quality of your trailer brake system is a key part of your overall efficiency, and it's one part of your vehicle that should never be neglected. [...]

The Importance of Getting the Best Parts for Towing

When you own or operate a towing vehicle, safety is of the utmost importance. Regardless of your quantity, volume, or any conditions specific to your area, you must always operate under the assumption that no amount of towing safety facts can prevent accidents from happening. Thankfully there are some preventative measures you can put into [...]