Trailer Brake Controllers: How They Improve Towing Safety

As reported by the NHTSA, there are over 50,000 towing accidents annually. Therefore, learning how to tow safely is imperative if you own an RV. For starters, you need to invest in the best trailer brake controller so that your RV can stop and brake smoothly. Here’s how the best trailer brake controller will increase [...]

The Key Benefits of Investing In a Trailer Brake System

RVs are quite popular in the United States, and for good reason, too. With more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide, RVers are free to roam America’s roads for a weekend — or months at a time. While these big fun vehicles make for some great memories with friends and loved ones, there [...]

Trailer Brake Controllers: The Advantages and Options That You Get

If you’re among the 30 million RV enthusiasts and RV renters in the U.S., then you already know the importance of trailer brake controllers. When towing your trailer on the roads, your safety should be the top concern, and a single axle trailer brake goes a long way in helping you brake smoothly. If you [...]

Tips for Correcting Trailer Sway

Driving a trailer, or trailering, should usually be a very smooth experience. However, there is one situation that is a real cause for concern. This issue can occur if you whether are driving recreational purposes or whether you are driving for business purposes, such as transporting freight from one place to another. This problem is [...]

Why Choose an Electronic Sway Control System for Your Vehicle?

In the modern world, there are several forms of technology that you can use in order to make your RV driving and towing experience easier, safer, and more efficient. But how can you know which solutions are best for you and the rest of your family? When it comes to electronic sway control systems and [...]

How Can Electronic Trailer Brake Controllers Make Your Next Road Trip Safer?

If you're driving an RV on a big road trip, then you're probably concerned about your safety. After all, with more than 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide, RVers are free to roam America’s roads for a weekend — or months at a time. While RVs and other types of large vehicles are certainly [...]

The 2 Best Brake Controllers For Your Trailer

According to the National Highway Transportation Administration, 50,000 accidents are related to towing every year. Having the best brake controller for your trailer will help reduce this from happening. Here are the two best brake controllers for your trailer. Time-Delayed Brake Controller If you don’t spend a significant amount of time towing while on the [...]

What Should You Look for In Trailer Brake Controllers?

If you've ever wondered how to tow safely, or if you've read reviews of brake controllers, then you know just how challenging it can be to find the right products to buy and install for your next towing adventure. Like most people, it's okay to recognize that there is a lot of confusing information out [...]

4 Towing Safety Points To Keep In Mind This Summer

As the weather gets warmer, the call to hit the open road gets stronger and harder to resist. Before you hitch up your trailer and make your getaway, it’s a good idea to brush up on some safety reminders first. Here are four things to keep in mind regarding how to tow safely. Towing Capacity [...]

5 Towable RV Must-Haves

If you’re thinking about buying a towable RV, you’re in good company. Accordinate to estimates, nearly 30 million people are crazy about RVing in general. And owning a towable RV can be less expensive than purchasing a decked-out motorhome. Nevertheless, you still need to think about purchasing add-ons like RV locks and electric brake controllers [...]

Ensure Your Trip Goes Off With a Hitch

Here's the scenario, the weather is perfect, you prepare your camping gear and load everything you need in your trailer. You can't wait to get out on the open road. You have the entire trip planned to the smallest detail. You set off for a fantastic camping adventure with the family. As you drive, your [...]

A Few Simple Tips to Enhance Your Trailer’s Safety On the Roads

When it comes to towing a trailer out on the roads, safety is paramount. In fact, when you put safety first with your trailer, you can avoid a whole range of problems that can lead to unnecessary situations. Here are a few simple tips. Learn About Trailer Sway Trailer sway is one of the biggest [...]