Another satisfied customer…

please let your team know that I am now a huge advocate for your anti sway control system and will be encouraging others to purchase your product.
I have been pulling my personal boat and travel trailers for approximately 18 years in several states.

Because of this, I have experienced many weather and traffic situations educating me for all my future travels. Our latest adventure was pulling our travel trailer from Arizona to Oregon and back. We decided to purchase the electronic sway control system this trip and a very good thing we did!

On our way to Oregon we had to pass through California where as normal, we experienced heavy cross winds. Palm springs was the worst of it and the system worked well above our expectations. One concern we had with moving to the electronic sway control was the brake action slowing us down while it hit the brakes. Our concerns were turned to delight as we never felt any braking as our trailer stayed straight behind us during heavy cross winds.

Now on to the more important experiences and why we are so grateful for purchasing your product.

As we were traveling on I10 in California in the slow lane, (Max speed in CA with a trailer in 55 mph) I noticed the cars in the fast lane came to an abrupt stop. I started to slow down in case one of them decided to pull in our lane but at the same time I noticed a large U Haul truck in the fast lane heading at the stopped cars at full speed. I hit the brakes and made a hard right turn into the emergency lane. Our trailer followed right behind us with no issues.

The second situation was where we felt blessed to have purchased your product. We were on our way back to Arizona still in Oregon. We were on a mountain freeway, on a 6% down grade, and on a long right turn at 60 mph. Next the we are is a car coming the opposite direction in our lane heading right towards us. I had two decisions to make in a split second. Hit the car head on and hope we make it out alive, or whip a hard right knowing we will most likely jack knife and flip over our truck. I chose to whip it hard right and to my surprise, our trailer followed right behind us allowing me to dodge the car and then make a hard left to get back on the road.

If we had the traditional sway bars or no sway control, I know without a doubt my wife and I would not be here today! Your product saved our lives and we are now sharing your product and our experience with everyone we know.

Thank you for making an amazing product!

Bluefield, Chris Wildoner