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Electric Brakes for Trailers with Air Brakes

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If you’re in need of quality electric trailer brake controllers, you’ve come to the right place!

In addition to having a powerful vehicle with enough horse and towing power, safety should always be a top priority throughout the towing process. If your trailer begins to sway, you and everyone else on the road could be in serious danger. Similarly, your vehicle and trailer braking systems needs to be fully functional in order to avoid these catastrophic roadway incidents.

That’s where Hayes Towing Electronics comes in.

Electric trailer brake controllers are devices that can be installed in the cab of your towing vehicle and activate your trailer’s electric (or electric-over-hydraulic) brakes when you are braking while driving. There are all kinds of electric trailer brake controllers available, and they differ in everything from appearance to the number of brakes they can control. However, all of these devices can be divided into two main categories: proportional or time delayed.

Proportional brake controllers can actually sense when your vehicle begins to slow or is stopping. Once the device is aware of the upcoming stop, it automatically applies the trailer’s brakes with the same exact intensity. So if you are coming to a safe and gradual stop, the trailer’s brake will press at the same slow level. Conversely, if you’re attempting to avoid a crash and are forced to slam on your vehicle’s brakes, the trailer’s brakes will slam down with the same intensity.

Time-delayed brake controllers activate the trailer’s braking system with a predetermined power output and rate of application (sync). With this type of device, there is a bit of a delay between when you initially apply the brakes in your vehicle and the time the controller reacts; the amount of time the delay lasts can be adjust with the sync setting.

At Hayes Towing Electronics, our air actuated electric trailer brake controllers provide smooth brake actuation throughout the driving process. Additionally, this device can operate two, four, six, and even eight electric brakes for your trailer; has a manual or automatic braking operation; comes equipped with hazard flashers; and has a one-year limited warranty.

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