"You will NOT find a better controller than the Hayes G2!" - J. Maner, Hartselle, AL


The Genesis lets you apply full power in emergency stopping situations. The three-axis accelerometer technology automatically levels and senses the rate of deceleration.

Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive Quik-Connect feature
  • Self leveling which improves accuracy in braking
  • Automatically adjust to road conditions and changes in braking situations
  • Easy to read display
  • Manual Lever – provides manual braking and illuminates the trailer lights while braking
  • Handles up to 8 electric brakes
  • ƬBoost FeatureĆ® gives you the ability to apply more initial braking power when towing heavier trailers
  • For use with Electric and Electric-Over Hydraulic braking systems
  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

#81790 Brake Controller
Instruction Manual
Operation Manual
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