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Hayes Towing Electronics Brings Sway Control into the 21st Century

Designed and developed by Hayes Towing Electronics/Syncro Corporation engineering with assistance from Auburn University and outside automotive car and truck vehicle stability control engineers, the SwayMaster® is designed to provide simultaneous braking when sway is detected to all trailer brakes on 1 to 4 axle trailers.

While the solid state gyroscope and GPS are always active and monitoring sway, the unit initiates a speed sensitive quick reaction braking boost when sway is detected to recover stability or to counter instability.

SwayMaster® has been designed for simple plug and play installation/operation. The unit itself attaches to the A frame of the trailer with self-tapping screws. There is a female connector for the 7-way from the trailer into the unit and a 5’ pigtail with male connector from the unit into the tow vehicle. Once connected, a blue light on the unit will signify its’ readiness. There is no hard wiring or special unit positioning required.While not all trailers need weight distributing most all trailers need sway control and the SwayMaster® provides superior sway control under all conditions.